• Familiarise yourself with the contents of this website
  • Read the preliminary information in the free STAT Candidate Information Booklet
  • Work through the free practice questions provided in the STAT Candidate Information Booklet

Some institutions offer STAT workshops, to assist candidates with their preparation. ACER is not affiliated with such workshops/preparation courses.

Coaching for tests such as STAT is not particularly effective in improving candidates' scores. This is partly because the test is designed to assess reasoning and comprehension skills which develop over extended periods of time through a variety of experiences. ACER does not endorse preparation workshops, but we understand some candidates may find them useful to help reduce anxiety about the test, and providing the opportunity to talk with other candidates about STAT.

ACER does not provide past papers to any of the STAT workshops and candidates should be advised that the only sources of past STAT questions are the STAT Candidate Information Booklet and the STAT Practice Tests, published by ACER.

STAT Practice Tests can be purchased as e-books from Practice Material.